Graphic Design

Digital and Social Media marketing collateral

This short Video was created for the CAKE homepage to show as a dynamic background with CTA text layered on top. I shot the video around the office and oversaw the editing process.

print add created for CAKE Markting

I created the concept and illustrated this ad triptych ads for a facebook marketing campaign for CAKE. After we tested and tracked the ad’s performance, we found these ads were some of the most successful campaigns running at the time.

Top: This is full page ad was created for the May 2015 edition of the eMarketer publication. I worked with the marketing department to brainstorm the concept and messaging for the add as well as art direction and art production on the ad iself.

Left: This is one of the most successful Facebook banner ad campaign I created for CAKE. I worked closely with the marketing department to test the copy for the add to determine what would be the most effective language to increase engagement.